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Youth Scholarships

What is the Youth Scholarship Program?

Each year, an amount is set aside from the Carter Community Building Association’s (CCBA) “Youth Scholarship Fund” to assist youngsters to enjoy our community recreation center’s facilities and programs.

For what can a scholarship be used?

Youth scholarship money may be applied towards the cost of any service – for example, a “Youth” or “Junior” membership at the Witherell Recreation Center, a week of summer camp, swim lessons, or basketball team participation – offered by the CCBA.

Maximum Award

Scholarship assistance is limited to $125 per youngster or $250 per family during the calendar year.

Co-Pay Requirement

Before scholarship funds are applied, the parent or guardian of the recipient must pay for one-third (33%) of the cost of the service for which a youngster receives assistance.

Community Service Requirement

Before scholarship funds are applied, recipients in grades 5 through 12 must perform community service for the CCBA as follows:

Grades Number of Hours
5 – 6 2
7 – 8 4
9 – 12 6

How do I apply?

A parent or guardian should fill out the Youth Scholarship Application and bring it to the front desk or mail to:
Witherell Recreation Center
Pool/Fitness Center
1 Taylor Street, Lebanon, NH  03766