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Meet our Group Fitness Instructors

Kathy Bennett
Professional Background
  • Certified in TRX, Rip Training and Indoor Cycling
  • Golf apparel buyer at Golf & Ski Warehouse
Personal Interests
  • Teaches TRX classes
  • Enjoys cycling, running, hiking, gardening, yard work, wakeboarding, traveling, and spending time with friends and family
"I love teaching morning classes because I think exercise is one of the best ways to start the day."
Brandi Bissonnette
Professional Background
  • ACSM personal trainer
  • TRX certified
Personal Interests
  • Teaches boot camp and TRX classes
  • Enjoys cooking, snuggling with her cats and reading scientific journals
"I enjoy instructing group exercise classes because I get to help people become healthier and stronger."
Jennifer Boudro
Professional Background
  • AFAA Group Fitness certification
  • Certified in kickboxing, zumba, pilates, and step aerobics
  • Works full time at Dartmouth College
Personal Interests
  • Teaches aqua, cardio and strength fusion, and indoor cycling
  • Enjoys hiking, gardening, landscaping, DIY home projects, and practicing Bikram yoga
“My goal is to engage participants in safe, efficient, effective, and yes challenging exercises using knowledge to bring awareness to breath, body alignment, and self acceptance in any class with any body.”
Emily Bragonier

Professional Background

  • NASM Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition
  • Z-Health Performance Solutions – EEP Certified
  • American Powerlifting Association – VT Chair
  • M.S. in Sustainable Systems and B.A. German


  • Individual and small group training
  • Kettlebell training using StrongFirst standards
  • Powerlifting – APA Vermont state record holder for bench press in the 165-pound class
  • Spending time with family & friends, music, hiking, being outdoors, traveling, art, reading.

“Motivation is the spark that gets you moving, but it’s determination that will propel you toward your goals

Connie Ciulla
Professional Background
  • 200-hr teacher training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA- 2012
  • B.A. in Information Systems
Personal Interests
  • Teaches yoga classes
  • Enjoys yoga, golf, hiking, music, gardening and spending time with friends
“Now that I have more free time, I want to give back and I think that Yoga is a perfect modality to heal and nourish the mind, body and spirit.”
Rick Dickson

Professional Background

  • Fitness Coordinator - CCBA
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer - May 2012
  • ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • BA in Political Science
  • Juris Doctor

Personal Interests

  • Teaches cardio x-train and TRX classes
  • Personal Training especially with active adults, aging/chronically ill or injured adults, and people with special needs
  • Enjoys TRX, Tabata, HIIT, cardio exercises, hiking, trail running and music

“Don’t look for inspiration. Start working and inspiration will find you.”

Anna Dulac
Professional Background
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification
  • Masters of Education with a Certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • B.A. in English and Elementary Education
  • Lebanon School District Kindergarten teacher
Personal Interests
  • Teaches cardio x-train and cardio strength and fusion
  • Enjoys spending time with her family and walking, running and skiing.
“I teach because I love to exercise and I enjoy watching my class participants achieve happiness and success with fitness goals.”
Frances Espie
Professional Background
  • AAAI-ISMA certified in primary aerobics, yoga, aqua, and pilates
  • Teaches yoga, pilates and aqua classes
Personal Interests
  • Likes to garden, play pickleball and mahjong
"I teach because I enjoy helping others to achieve their goals for overall health and mental well being."
Dianne Estes
Professional Background
  • AFAA group fitness certification
  • Certified in Barre Above, Pilates, RYT200 yoga
  • Director of School and Community Relations, Lebanon School District
  • Active Aging Movement Coach (AAMC)
Personal Interests
  • Teaches pilates, yoga, aqua aerobics, TRX, and Barre Fitness classes
  • Enjoys hiking in Sedona AZ in the fall, hanging out at the lake to kayak, paddleboard, and relaxing with my husband and dogs
“I am celebrating 30 years of teaching fitness this year! Knowing I have helped one of my students learn more about their bodies, how they can become stronger and meet their own fitness/health goals, while keeping it fun, is why I continue to teach.”
Jessika Fisher
Professional Background
  • 200RYT certification- 2015
Personal Interests
  • Teaches Pranayama, Ashtanga Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow classes
  • Enjoys hiking, collecting minerals, creating art and gardening.
“I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to empower students to become more connected with themselves and to spread joy.”
Liza Fredrickson
Professional certification
  • Certified in zumba, indoor cycling
  • AFAA group fitness certification
Personal interests
  • Teaches, indoor cycling, zumba, aqua zumba, cardio strength and fusion classes
  • Enjoys cooking, gardening, volunteering, and playing with her dogs
“I teach because I like to share what I know about fitness with others and I love motivating and encouraging people to push themselves.”
Joanna Graber
Professional certification
  • NETA group fitness certification
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and Psychology
  • Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian
Personal interests
  • Teaches, cardio strength and fusion, step aerobics, and aqua classes
  • Enjoys walking, swimming and being outside with my family
“I teach because I like to motivate people to work hard and have fun.”
Rose Grenier
Professional Background
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer – 2016
  • Zumba Instructor
  • AFAA Group fitness certification
  • US Archery Level 2 coach
  • TRX Suspension training certification
  • Core and functional training
  • B.S. in Physical Education: Teacher Certification and Athletic Training
Personal Interests
  • Teaches TRX, cardio x-train, figure skating, aqua aerobics and archery classes
  • Enjoys spending time with family, kayaking, fishing, cooking, sewing and crafts
"I enjoy teaching a wide variety of group classes. Every class is an adventure where I can vary the exercises, so everyone can be successful."
Kim Hall
Professional Background
  • 500RYT Hatha Yoga
Personal Interests
  • Teaches yoga classes
  • Enjoys walking her 14 year old dog, taking it nice and slow
"I enjoy helping people find the calmness of mind that Yoga brings - getting out of their head and back into their body."
Mike Halloran

Professional Background

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fit EDU Certified Kettlebell Coach
  • Omega Shamanic Reiki Practitioner


  • Trains one on one and small group
  • Emphasizes posture, corrective exercises, and proper movement patterns
  • Loves anything and everything with his children, especially when it’s outside
  • An athlete at heart but currently only snowboarding and playing basketball

“Helping clients to optimize their potential and create the best version of themselves is my mission every time I step into the gym.”

Susan Henderson
Professional Background
  • Certified Spin and zumba instructor
  • Professor Emeritus at Quinnipiac University
Personal Interests
  • Teaches zumba and indoor cycling classes
  • Enjoys hiking, biking, pastels and choral signing
"I teach because I want to motivate people to get the most out of their fitness activities and appreciate the uniqueness of their own bodies."
Natalie Kocurek
Professional Background
  • Certified in Beachbody Turbo Kick
  • B.A. in English and Education
Personal Interests
  • Teaches Middle School English at Weathersfield School
  • Enjoys hiking, swimming, reading and spending time with friends and family
“I love teaching Turbo because there is just something so special about group fitness-the extra motivation to push yourself, camaraderie, variety and the fact that they are always killer workouts are just a few of the many reasons!”
Susan Lamontagne
Professional Background
  • Licensed ZUMBA Instructor
  • Retired professional Broadway dancer
  • Choreographer, director and dance teacher at Lebanon Ballet School
Personal Interests
  • Teaches zumba and aqua zumba classes
  • Enjoys white water rafing, teaching, animals, her beautiful family and watching her twin boys grow up
"Dance, music and rhythm make people feel great!  Put those together with cardio exercise and it's a win-win.  I love to pass on my passion for dance energy!"
Kristin McGee
Professional Background
  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Personal Interests
  • Teaches Iyengar yoga classes
  • Enjoys practicing yoga, being with family and always loves a long walk with a friend
"I am interested in helping students obtain and maintain stability and flexibility (in mind and body!) through life."
Alena Pardoe
Professional Background
  • Personal Training Coordinator-CCBA
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist – 2013
  • TRX and RIP Certified
  • BA in Graphic Design
  • WellCoaches Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Personal Interests
  • Personal Training
  • Teaches cardio x-train and TRX classes
  • Enjoys obstacle course races, power lifting and strength training, running, biking, hiking, yoga, cooking, reading, and oil painting
“I teach because I love inspiring and helping people discover that being fit and healthy can also be fun and enjoyable."
Lauren Sharkey

Professional Background

  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • Ace Youth Fitness Specialist
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Personal Interests

  • Works with youth, people with special needs and obese/overweight
  • Teaches Group Strength, Tabata, Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Aqua Training
  • Spending time with family, working with youth, volunteering for community-based organizations, reading, bird-watching, hiking, cycling, and being at the lake and outdoors


Jenny Sielicki
Professional Background
  • BA Performing Arts
  • AFAA Group fitness certification
  • AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
Personal Interests
  • Teaches yoga, zumba and pilates classes
  • Enjoys hiking, climbing mountains, traveling, gardening, and art
“Fitness is a life choice and the training and cross training regimen you adopt has to compliment and fit into your life choices. It is my wish to provide individuals with a portable and diverse series of exercise skills for both the gym and at home.”
Joseph Silovich
Professional Background
  • FiTOUR group fitness certified
  • ACE Personal trainer certification
Personal Interests
  • Teaches cardio x-train classes
  • Enjoys hiking and camping and loves spending time with family
“On the other side of your fears is the person you want to be.”
Sowmya Srinivas
Professional Background
  • Mad Dogg certified SPIN instructor- 2014
  • FiTOUR certified group fitness, aqua and yoga instructor–2014
  • Eye doctor at DHMC
Personal Interests
  • Teaches yoga, cardio strength and fusion, aquafit, and indoor cycling classes
  • Enjoys spending time with family and friends
“I use my background as a health professional to design my fitness classes which improve members' physical and mental strength.”