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Fitness Classes

Over 55 group fitness classes every week included with your membership.

We offer different class types and times throughout the day.  We make it easy to enjoy a great workout on your schedule with an energetic and knowledgeable instructor-all of our instructors are nationally certified!

Take a look at our class schedule the next time you’re here or online. We offer online registration and you can download our mobile app and sync any class to your mobile device so you will get reminders about the classes you sign up for. We offer a wide variety of fitness opportunities for everyone!

Don't forget!  Children ages 6 weeks through the completion of 3rd grade can stay in our Child Activities Room while you workout, and best of all it's FREE with a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP!


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Indoor cycling is a group exercise class that takes place on a special stationary bicycle in which participants work at their own individual fitness level.  We offer 4 types of indoor cycling classes to help keep your workout fresh and challenging!

If you are new to Indoor Cycling or have never attended a class at the CCBA we ask that you participate in a free 30-minute orientation.  Please fill out an orientation request form at the front desk or contact our Indoor Cycling Coordinator, Cheryl Bush, at cheryl.bush@joinccba.org.



Participants train their body to be more efficient at metabolizing
fat and maintaining a constant steady state of training, sometimes
for extended periods of time. Heart rate training is between 65-
75% of your maximum working heart rate. Increased pedaling
efficiency and aerobic capacity are the main focus of this class.


Added resistance during this class helps develop muscular
endurance and power! Your heart rate will range between 75-
85% of your maximum working heart rate. The goal of this class
is to build cardiovascular strength to handle a slightly
uncomfortable pace. The heart rate straddles the aerobic and
anaerobic energy zones. Switching from one form of energy
metabolism to another improves their efficiency!


An interval workout emphasizes regular work efforts with
recovery time between challenging acceleration drills and “fast
flats”. Your heart rate will range between 65-92% of your
maximum working heart rate. The goal of this
class is to improve your recovery time between work efforts,
which is a clear indication of increased fitness.


Race day is a special event! Come well hydrated, rested and
prepared to get pushed to your limit. It is an invigorating and
exciting workout, which tests your fitness level. It stimulates the
adrenaline, a physical challenge you would experience in an actual
race. Your heart rate will range between 80-92% of your
maximum working heart rate.


Offered periodically by a trained instructor, threshold
training will what your maximum working heart rate is
to better allow more accurate measures to predict
your working zones.






Are you looking for more cardio in your workouts? Maybe a class that incorporates weights and strength training? More interested in Mind & Body classes like yoga or pilates?  Like to dance to Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves in a zumba class?  Just starting out?  Take a look at our Light 'n' Lively or gentle yoga schedule.  All classes can be modified so you can work at your own pace!  Whether it's on land, or in the water we have something for everyone here!




TRX, Cardio x-train, TRX Fusion - use your body strength for a fun and exciting workout!  We have cardio step classes, Turbo kick, different types of yoga classes and pilates.  These are just a few of our offerings.  CCBA prides itself on having the best instructors around and being able to offer an assortment of different classes you can choose from.



This class uses a combination of body weight and resistance
exercises using the TRX Straps to increase strength, balance,
stability, flexibility, core strength, stamina & power!






This class incorporates TRX suspension exercises
with cardio, pilates and yoga mixed in. Get amazing results!









This high intensity interval training workout will challenge
your body with intervals of cardio, strength and core exercises.






Cardio X-Train

This class challenges exercisers by combining body weight
exercises, cardio and functional training, strength and core
exercises while moving from one station to the next.









This fun class combines Latin music, dance routines, aerobic
and fitness interval training.  We also take this class into the pool!







We offer different classes at different levels to meet your needs. This is the perfect escape from everyday stress.  Our mind & body classes are a great way to clear your mind, improve your concentration, balance, mobility and develop muscle strength and stamina at the same time.






This body conditioning routine helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles. It also focuses on the eight principles of pilates: concentration, centering, control, precision, breathing, alignment, flow, and integration. Improve your strength, coordination, and balance from the core out.

Pilates Vitae - this energetic class will cover all aspects of pilates
training methods, including mat, small props, scuplting,
Barre, cardio pilates, and yogalates.




Yoga is a great way to improve your concentration, clear your mind and develop muscle strength and stamina.  A gentle form of exercise that seeks to unite mind, body, and spirit. The focus is on long stretches in various yoga postures, combined with slow, deep breathing. Energize your body, improve flexibility and reduce back pain.


We currently offer the following 3 types of yoga classes.

Ashtanga Flow Yoga

This class will include breathing techniques and practice in
strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation.

Gentle Yoga

This wonderful, therapeutic class is designed for all fitness
levels, and is an excellent way to increase strength and
flexibility in mind, body and spirit.

Iyengar Yoga Continuing

This is a balanced class for students interested in working
towards the back bending and inverted poses. Props are
used to achieve safe alignment.




The pool is a great way to get a workout while minimizing the wear and tear on muscles and joints.  Exercising in a swimming pool and using the water's resistance can also help you build or improve your strength and power.




If you are looking for a workout without as much impact, this is it!  We have group fitness classes offered 6 days a week that are included in your membership.  Some of the fitness classes we offer are: water FIT, deep water FIT, power splash and aqua zumba. Work at your own pace without the impact on your hips or knees!





"CCBARRACUDAS" MASTERS SWIM TEAM   Image result for masters swim program

Want to improve your fitness and stroke technique in a fun atmosphere? We are here to help you reach your aquatic goals, whether that means improved fitness, greater enjoyment of pool time, entering a triathlon or competing. The practices focus on easy drills that lead to technique mastery, which leads to greater fluency, ease and speed in the water. The team is coached by Charlie Wright and James Hull.

For swimmers ages 16 and older. Participants must be able to engage in 30-60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity and swim at least a few laps of the pool. Competition is not required.

Please visit our page  ...........for practice times and costs.  For more information please email marie.derosier@joinccba.org

































All rules and guidelines for Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling can be found here.