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Executive Director Search Committee Message


Message to Staff and CCBA Members from the Executive Director Search Committee

As you hopefully know by now, Shelby Day has given her notice and was finished as of October 4th. We all wish Shelby the best in her new pursuits.

The Board of Trustees has put into place a search committee to find a replacement. It consists of four board members (Jon Stearns, Dan Evans, Warren Klecan and Laura Dykstra) and four senior staff members (Eileen Urquhart, Joanna Graber, Baar Graf and Marie Derosier) as well as support from the CCBA Personnel Committee and a few longstanding staff members such as Jim Vanier and Kevin Talcott. Those interested in being a part of the effort can contact Jon Stearns (jonstearns138@gmail.com) to see how they might get involved. And should you just want to provide input we encourage you to contact committee members with your ideas and comments.

The committee is up and running and has had its first meeting to get organized and discuss the process as well as getting going. Advertising has already started using various regional and national resources and we hope to have applicants sending in applications quickly.

Obviously this will be a careful, detailed search process meant to bring in the best qualified person to be our new Executive Director. The process will include reviewing all applications, narrowing down the pool of applicants to a smaller group for telephone interviews, and finally down to a small number of finalists for in-person interviews with the committee and the Board as well as building tours.