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Indoor Cycling At CCBA

Indoor Cycling Fitness Programs At CCBAIndoor Cycling Fitness Programs At CCBAIndoor Cycling isa non-impact cardiovascular workout that takes place on a special Schwinn stationary bike. It is a group exercise program in which participants work at their individual fitness levels using Polar Heart Rate Monitors to regulate appropriate intensity. The Spinning program concept incorporates the mind/body connection and visualization, leaving ‘riders’ with a great sense of accomplishment. It does not require a lot of coordination and is appropriate for men and women of all ages and abilities.

For the current Indoor Cycling schedule, click here.

Endurance Spin

Indoor Cycling Fitness Programs At CCBAParticipants will train their body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat and maintaining a steady state of training, for sometimes extended periods of time. Heart rate training will be between 65-75% of max. Increased pedaling efficiency and aerobic capacity are the main focus of this class.


Heavier resistance during this class will help develop muscular endurance and power! Heart rates will stay between 75-85% of maximum. The goal of this class is to build cardiovascular strength to handle a slightly uncomfortable pace. The heart rates straddle the aerobic/anaerobic energy zones, switching from one system to another!

“The Spinning program is a training program or system. Training is about working on our weaknesses, while racing is about comparing ourselves in competition to another human being.”

– Johnny G, creater of the Indoor Cycling Program


An interval workout emphasizes regular work efforts with recovery time between challenging acceleration drills and “fast flats”. Your heart rate will range between 65-92%. A substantial aerobic fitness base is recommended, or simply working at more appropriate intensities, will allow you to get the most from this ride. The goal of this class is to improve your recovery time between work bouts, which is a clear indication of increased fitness.

Race Day

Race day is a special “event”. It is an invigorating and exciting workout, which tests your fitness level. It stimulates the adrenalin, physical challenge you would experience in an actual race. Not recommended for beginners or those who do not have a substantial aerobic fitness base. Your heart rate will vary between 80-92% of your max. Come prepared to “lay it on the line,” hydrated and well rested.

Indoor Cycling Pass Fees*
(Spin an unlimited number of classes)
Category 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month Annunal
Corporate Members: $45 $120 $210 $335
Non-members: $55 $150 $255 $410
Indoor Cycling Punch Card*
1 Class 12 Classes 24 Classes
Non-members $15 $150 $270

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